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     Spaceport America Cup 2024 Team Support

AMW has been the premier vendor supporting teams at the Spaceport America Cup since its inception. The launch success rate has increased significantly due to AMW’s onsite assistance and critical support. We can provide your team with the motors you need from our substantial in-house inventory and through our timely orders with both CTI and Aerotech.

Purchase or Pre-order your motors as soon as possible to secure delivery for the SA Cup and your test flights!

Check out our Spaceport Cup Specials! New products added regularly.

Visit the AMW Online Shop website for our full line of rocketry products.

We have in stock now:

New shipments of motors are arriving soon!

Let us know how we can help you succeed at the Spaceport Cup competition. 
►  Phone: 603-566-2904
►  robert@amwprox.com
►  support@amwprox.com

Updated November 11, 2023 15:12